Assistant to Commercial Director-Shanghai




Shanghai, China Mainland


General Management and Administration


  1. Administration Support to RCD
    • Responsible for calendar management and coordination for RCD; 负责大区总监的日程管理和协调;
    • Responsible for business travel management and Concur management for RCD; 负责大区总监出差行程管理和报销;
    • Support to RCD to follow up team members’ completion of tasks; and complete meeting minutes, meeting follow up as well. 支持大区总监跟进团队成员的任务完成情况;完成会议记录和进展报告、报表,并召开后续会议。
    • Support to document drafting, translation, report preparation and presentation slides preparation, ; 支持文案书写、编辑翻译、报表和幻灯片制作;
    • Work assigned by RCD. 大区总监分配的其他工作。
  1. Support to Regional business
    • Regional business follow-up: follow up on regional expense, CME sales target, listing and pharmacy activity. 业务跟进工作:区域费用的跟进、指标进度的跟进、列名的跟进、药店活动的跟进
      1. Regional expense: Responsible for department budget plan and daily control. Budget control, support RCD to ensure rational use of expense; 区域费用的跟进:负责部门预算计划和日常控制,部门预算的进度管理,协助 RCD 确保预算的合理使用;
      2. Regional sales target: Support to data collection, such as follow-up on sales data, collection of data on sales forecast, data analysis, and documentation preparation for the teams’ daily work; 指标进度的跟进:支持团队日常工作的数据收集,如各省销售数据的跟进、月度销售预测相关数据的收集,数据分析和文件编制;
      3. Listing: responsible for collection and archiving of listing agreement. Information collection on listing, assist RCD to follow listing progress. 列名的跟进工作:汇总列名协议,并将协议进行归档。每月确认列名相关信息,协助总监跟进列名进度。
      4. Regional pharmacy activity. 药店活动的跟进
    • Support to commercial managers: remind completion of task of commercial manager. Responsible for the communication of new policy. 省经理业务支持:部门工作的提醒及公司新政策更新的提醒。
    • Assist to the preparation of bidding document. 支持招投标资料的准备工作
    • Conduct preliminary review of contracts and projects’ documents. 对合同和项目文件进行初步审查。
    • Support to regional bill review and order flow arrangement. 处理大区账单审核和订单、流向等工作
    • Sample management 样品的申请与管理
  1. Administration Support to region/CME Department
    • Support to organization of team activities, such as team meeting, workshop, team building, training, etc. Support to the organization of CME meetings such as distributor meeting and cycle meeting; 支持团队活动的组织,如团队会议、研讨会、团队建设、培训等。协助商务部部门会议的顺利开展,如分销商大会,部门年会等
    • Follow up on training status and send reminders as necessary; 跟踪培训情况并进行必要提醒;
    • Archive documentation, including but not limited to company files, board resolution, training record, memo, meeting minutes, etc. 存档文件,包括但不限于公司文件、董事会决议、培训记录、备忘录、会议记录等。
  1. Administration support of daily regional business management work and others
    • Company chop management; 公司印章管理;
    • Support RCD to implement compliance standard and as a coordinator for compliance SOP implementation within CME 。支持大区总监实施合规标准,并作为 CME 内合规 SOP 实施的协调员
    • Coordinate on Quality relevant issues in own dept. 协调本部门的质量相关问题。
    • New employee on board preparation: assist to the orientation of new employee, and basic office supply preparation (IT, Admin, HR related). 协助新员工顺利上岗:公司 orientation 的安排,员工基本物料准备( IT, Admin, HR
    • Other ad-hocs 其他支持工作

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